Cosmo Tires has been a supporter of motorsports ever since our inception. We believe that competing on and testing our tires under the most extreme conditions is one of the best research and development methods to design tough, long-lasting tires. Our Factory Drivers and Driver Support Teams have been putting Cosmo Tires through the ringer on Autocross, Drift, Endurance and Off-Road circuits for years. Now, we want to extend the opportunity to you!
Our expanded Cosmo Driver Support Program is an excellent opportunity for drivers and teams across the nation to join our elite ranks of Cosmo Motorsports while representing Cosmo Tires at:
By joining our Cosmo Motorsports Driver Support Program, you, and your team will enjoy:
If you and/or your team are interested in participating in our Driver Support Program, please fill out the form below.
* Driver and/or team must be approved by Cosmo Tires to join Cosmo Motorsports Driver Support Program. All events/competitions must be approved by Cosmo Tires before participating in order to qualify for the rewards marked with an asterisk. Rules and Perks may be subject to change.
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Proprietary manufacturing process that includes:
Cosmo Tires employs propietary compound technology that enables our products to have lower rolling resistance, better wet traction and longer tread life.
Cosmo is committed to sustainable production that meets or exceeds compliance regulations and only utilizes best-in-class manufacturing facilities that are ISO 14001:2015 certified. Cosmo Tires carry the highest certifications in the industry, with ECE, DOT, GCC, CCC, In Metro, NOM, and TS14969.
Identifies tires that have 3 ply sidewall construction. The reinforced sidewall is engineered to maintain structural integrity when facing the most challenging obstacles and terrain.
Cosmo has the only Mud Rated tire in the market. These tires have been specifically designed and engineered to perform at optimum levels in deep mud and snow. Functional tread and sidewall design, coupled with specialized compounding is at the core of all Cosmo Mud Rated tires.
Cosmo Tires marked with this logo have been engineered to provide best in class noise reduction to enhance the quiet car experience. Cosmo Tires proprietary UTT (Ultimate Tire Technology) is at the core of creating a quieter and more comfortable tire for today’s technologically advanced vehicles.

Driver Support Program Terms & Conditions

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