The Cosmo Tires Kool Kat Retail Partnership Program aims to establish strategic alliances with retail customers who meet our standard of excellence.

Eligibility Criteria:

Rebranding: Cosmo Tires will work with selected retail partners to revamp the store’s appearance, reflecting Cosmo’s Kool Kat branding and creating a fresh, customer-friendly ambiance. This will include interior and exterior design elements, as well as prominent signage, paint, wraps and displays.

Marketing Support: Retailer will receive marketing support from Cosmo Tires to promote the partnership. This will include targeted a) advertising campaigns b) social media promotions and c) local outreach efforts/brand activations.

Training and Education: Cosmo Tires will provide on-site training to enhance store staff product knowledge and customer service skills, ensuring a consistent brand experience for customers.

Incentives and Rewards: Retail partners will be eligible for additional incentives, such as; (a) preferential pricing (b) preferential delivery and customer pick-up service

As part of our evolving market strategy, Cosmo Tires is interested in partnering with retail customers that meet our “Kool Kat” standards.

In exchange for retail customers’ commitment to a yearly quota for Cosmo Tires, we will;

The retail partner must be pre-approved by Cosmo Tires. Retail partners will be required to meet certain minimum standards, such as store cleanliness, condition of store equipment, store location and customer service.

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