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Choose excellence, choose a quality tire. Drive with peace of mind, as we deliver superior performance and safety on every road.

Cosmo Tires helps millions of people get to their destination safely, and in style by providing some of the highest quality tires on the market. We also understand the importance of the journey. Here are some of the like-minded Kool Kats making an impact in their communities that we team up with!

The “Kool Kat Ambush,” a vibrant event hosted by the Cosmo Family, drew an impressive attendance of over 2,000 enthusiasts. Embracing our family-owned culture, this unique car and truck show captivated attendees with its exciting displays and community spirit. As a testament to its overwhelming success, we are thrilled to announce that the “Kool Kat Ambush” format will soon be rolled out nationwide, bringing this electrifying experience to our facilities across the country.

Need You Onlus was founded by Adriano Assandri, friend of Cosmo Tires CEO, Tony Gonzalez after Adriano and his wife, Pinuccia traveled to Brazil together and seen first hand, the impact of poverty, hunger, and health concerns that the children lived. Adriano and Pinuccia have since been able to construct hospitals, schools, recreational centers and villages to name a few with the financial support of partners around the world. Cosmo Tires is honored to contribute to the impact and wellbeing of these kids lives.

Team Tiger MTB was founded by Alberto Freti, of Cosmo Tires and is centered around remaining active and spending time outdoors with friends and family. The benefits of community cannot be overstated, and these adrenaline enthusiasts take it to the next level with their challenging off-road Mountain Bike courses. If you’re interested in joining Team Tiger MTB, contact Alberto on Instagram using the link below.

Penarol Miami FC is a soccer club formed in South Florida, composed of 17 players that compete in the Amatuer football series in the Florida communities. The sports club is rocking a set of custom jerseys, inspired by the Penarol Club of Uruguay with some Cosmo Tires branding across the center of the jerseys.

Christopher Columbus High School, founded in 1958, is one of the most esteemed college prep schools in the nation. Boasting a 100% collegiate success rate, all of their students continue to college education after graduation which is a testimony of the schools commitment to providing an excellent education and helping young men become the best they can be. Cosmo Tires CEO and President, Tony and Joaquin, being Alumni of Christopher Columbus have partnered with their former High School to create the first annual Pickleball tournament to help raise funds for the students of CCHS.
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Proprietary manufacturing process that includes:
Cosmo Tires employs propietary compound technology that enables our products to have lower rolling resistance, better wet traction and longer tread life.
Cosmo is committed to sustainable production that meets or exceeds compliance regulations and only utilizes best-in-class manufacturing facilities that are ISO 14001:2015 certified. Cosmo Tires carry the highest certifications in the industry, with ECE, DOT, GCC, CCC, In Metro, NOM, and TS14969.
Identifies tires that have 3 ply sidewall construction. The reinforced sidewall is engineered to maintain structural integrity when facing the most challenging obstacles and terrain.
Cosmo has the only Mud Rated tire in the market. These tires have been specifically designed and engineered to perform at optimum levels in deep mud and snow. Functional tread and sidewall design, coupled with specialized compounding is at the core of all Cosmo Mud Rated tires.
Cosmo Tires marked with this logo have been engineered to provide best in class noise reduction to enhance the quiet car experience. Cosmo Tires proprietary UTT (Ultimate Tire Technology) is at the core of creating a quieter and more comfortable tire for today’s technologically advanced vehicles.

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