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Choose excellence, choose a quality tire. Drive with peace of mind, as we deliver superior performance and safety on every road.

Quality Tire
Quality Tire

Nearly all technology that trickled down to passenger and daily use vehicles was born in the cauldron of automotive racing. High speeds, high stress and high temperatures over a prolonged period of time are the perfect natural filters that separate weaker products from stronger, more reliable technology. We love putting our tires on the racetrack for two reasons:

Losing traction, sliding, and spinning wheels eats up tires more than anything else. How about a motorsport where THE ENTIRE POINT is to lose traction, slide and spin wheels? Drifting is somewhere between a sport and an art form, demanding impeccable skill, precision, and performance out of cars and tires.

Just like drifting demands the best out of drivers and their vehicles, Cosmo demands the best out of our tires. Cosmo and drifting are a match made in car heaven – we LOVE seeing our Factory Drivers and our tires carve up the track!

Elevate your drive with the gold standard of quality tires. Uncompromising performance, safety, and durability at your service.

Experience the difference with our quality tire selection. Drive with confidence, knowing you’ve invested in top-tier performance.

Street Racing Made Safe Autocross Presented by Cosmo Tires

Autocross is a true test of skill and handling: drivers compete against each other via timed laps on a small, complex circuit, the best time wins! Cosmo sponsors Street Racing Made Safe Autocross because, on the small, compact, and narrow circuit, Autocross drivers cannot rely on horsepower and speed; just their skill, precision, and tire grip.

When every 1/10th of a second matters, and a lapse in traction means the difference between first and last place, tires have to perform for lap upon lap. Our MuchoMacho tires provide the grip and performance for the most precise and challenging Autocross layout.

For maximum performance, the Cosmo MuchoMacho has no equal at SRMS!

2021 Cosmo Tires Autocross Season at Palm Beach International Raceway

To celebrate the last year of the Palm Beach International Raceway, Cosmo Tires partnered with PBIR to sponsor the Cosmo Tires Autocross Track. In addition to sponsoring the track, Cosmo Tires offered cash prizes for the “Fastest Kats,” the fastest and second-fastest drivers competing on Cosmo Tires.

At the end of the season, the Fastest Kats got an opportunity to compete in a points championship to win a set of MuchoMacho tires!

Cosmo’s aggressive off-road Mud Kicker tire is the world’s first and only Mud-Rated™ tire, designed for tackling rock, dirt, mud, snow, or any other obstacle a tough trek may throw. Naturally, our Cosmo Mud Kicker has become an instant favorite for competitive off-roading, mudding, rock-crawling, and rally competitions across the nation. Our Factory Driver, Jose Luis Rodriguez, and his off-road-prepped, highly-modified FJ Cruiser have been tackling every tough, muddy surface!

Quality Tire

Our Factory Drivers and Customer Racing Program teams compete in the ChampCar, Lucky Dog and 24 Hours of Lemons Racing Series, testing our MuchoMacho and RC 17 tires under the rigors of prolonged high-speed racing, day and night, in any condition. The ChampCar series 7 to 24-hour endurance racing competitions on some of the most famous racetracks, including world-famous tracks like the Daytona International Speedway, Watkins Glen International, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Road America, and Sebring International Raceway.

We compete in endurance racing not only to support grassroots motorsports, or because it is great fun, but most importantly, because it is an awesome opportunity to test our tires under grueling racing conditions!

March 1, 2024

March 9, 2024

5k Drift Shootout

The FIRM, Starke FL

March 10, 2024

Clean Culture

Silver Spurs Arena,
Kissimmee FL

April 5, 2024

Florida Truck Meet

Orlando Speedworld,
Orlando FL

April 7, 2024

Street Racing Made Safe

AMR Motorplex, Miami FL

April 13, 2024

Clean Culture

Ballpark of the Palm Beaches,
West Palm Beach FL

April 27, 2024

Clean Culture

Old Dominion Dragway,
Woodford VA

May 2, 2024

Toyota Jamboree

Barnwell Mountain Recreation
Area, Gilmer Texas

May 11, 2024

KoolKat Ambush

TGI Headquarters,
Miami FL

May 19, 2024

Street Racing Made Safe

AMR Motorplex, Miami FL

June 8, 2024

Clean Culture

Atlanta Motor Speedway,
Atlanta GA

June 23, 2024

Clean Culture

America’s Car Museum,
Tacoma WA

June 28, 2024

Overland Expo PNW

Deschutes County Expo Center, 
Redmond OR

July 28, 2024

Street Racing Made Safe

AMR Motorplex, Miami FL

August 17, 2024

Clean Culture

Orlando Karting Center,
Orlando FL

August 31, 2024

Clean Culture

South Florida Fairgrounds,
West Palm Beach FL

Sept 29, 2024

Street Racing Made Safe

AMR Motorplex, Miami FL

Oct 27, 2024

Street Drifting by SRMS

The FIRM, Starke FL

Nov 5, 2024


Las Vegas Convention Center,
Las Vegas NV

Nov 17, 2024

Street Racing Made Safe

AMR Motorplex, Miami FL

Nov 24, 2024

Street Drifting by SRMS

The FIRM, Starke FL

Dec 7, 2024

Clean Culture

Jackie Robinson Ballpark,
Daytona Beach FL

Dec 8, 2024

Street Drifting by SRMS

The FIRM, Starke FL

Disclaimer: Some of these events may change without prior notice.

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Proprietary manufacturing process that includes:
Cosmo Tires employs propietary compound technology that enables our products to have lower rolling resistance, better wet traction and longer tread life.
Cosmo is committed to sustainable production that meets or exceeds compliance regulations and only utilizes best-in-class manufacturing facilities that are ISO 14001:2015 certified. Cosmo Tires carry the highest certifications in the industry, with ECE, DOT, GCC, CCC, In Metro, NOM, and TS14969.
Identifies tires that have 3 ply sidewall construction. The reinforced sidewall is engineered to maintain structural integrity when facing the most challenging obstacles and terrain.
Cosmo has the only Mud Rated tire in the market. These tires have been specifically designed and engineered to perform at optimum levels in deep mud and snow. Functional tread and sidewall design, coupled with specialized compounding is at the core of all Cosmo Mud Rated tires.
Cosmo Tires marked with this logo have been engineered to provide best in class noise reduction to enhance the quiet car experience. Cosmo Tires proprietary UTT (Ultimate Tire Technology) is at the core of creating a quieter and more comfortable tire for today’s technologically advanced vehicles.

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