How Cosmo Tires fuels growth through authentic connections

Ask anyone in business long enough to find success and they’ll likely tell you that relationships got them there. Cosmo Tires, operated by Tire Group International, is no different and is continuing to lean on its uncanny ability to cultivate strong, family-first partnerships as a cornerstone for growth.

Cosmo Tires Hosts Annual Car and Truck Show at TGI Headquarters

Cosmo Tires, a private-label brand distributed by Tire Group International, hosted its 2nd annual Kool Kat Ambush car and truck show at its facility in Miami, Florida.

Tire Group International LLC’s (TGI) Cosmo brand recently hosted its second annual Kool Kat Ambush car and truck show at TGI headquarters in Miami, Fla.

"Tire Group International (TGI) has designated Centeno's Tire Distributor Inc. to be the exclusive distributor in Puerto Rico of its private-label Cosmo-brand tires."

Joaquin “Tony” Gonzalez Sr., a tire industry veteran who began his career in his native Cuba and continued it for decades after he moved to the U.S. in 1962, has died. He was 80.

"Tire Group International LLC (TGI) has expanded its Cosmo line to include ST trailer tires and more sizes for its commercial van tire line."

"That drift was art I think everyone can agree, you really set the bar out there."

"Action at the Cosmo Tires Autocross track heats up this season with 19 events as competitors vie for the 2021 Autocross League Championship."

"Performance does not equate to paying a premium, and in the case of the Cosmo MuchoMacho, their performance combined with their value make them an excellent choice over the brand-name competition."

"TGI says all three lines are manufactured using Cosmo’s Ultimate Tire Technology (UTT) which includes a bead reinforcement system, new structure technology, directed super silica compounding, and optimum performance design."

"Favored by professional drivers across the world, and professional commuters across the street alike, the MuchoMacho combines value, performance and superior control in dry and wet conditions with the industry's top road hazard warranty."

"Cosmo assembled a faithful group of buyers and turned the company into what it is now. By keeping the price of its tires down even after growing in popularity, Cosmo Tires still works to balance budget with impressive performance."

"I've been driving the Jeep Mojave for a couple weeks now with the Cosmo Mud Kicker tires and I am really happy with the performance, they’re quiet on the road and they’re great looking tires, the traction is also very good in all conditions."

"TGI says it will continue to expand the Cosmo Tires product lineup, with a focus on the independent tire dealer's need for quality tires that provide value to the consumer and a higher profit opportunity to the dealer."

"A quick online search reveals that a Cosmo MuchoMacho Ultra-High Performance All Season 235/40ZR19 96Y tire costs a little over $110 per tire, where a comparable Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Performance Radial 235/40ZR19 96Y costs about $280 per tire."

"Tire brands like Cosmo Tires continue to innovate their designs in an effort to improve handling, durability, and road noise levels."

"There was nothing we attempted that the tires couldn't handle. With a savings of over $430 a set, the Cosmo Mud Kickers are offering a lot of tire for the money."

"MuchoMachos offer performance and control, stability at high speeds, sport driving characteristics and superior control in both wet and dry conditions."

"Centeno’s Tire has become the exclusive distributor of Cosmo Tires distributor in Puerto Rico. To commemorate the partnership, Centeno’s Tire hosted national tire dealer convention on Sunday 18 November."

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Proprietary manufacturing process that includes:
Cosmo Tires employs propietary compound technology that enables our products to have lower rolling resistance, better wet traction and longer tread life.
Cosmo is committed to sustainable production that meets or exceeds compliance regulations and only utilizes best-in-class manufacturing facilities that are ISO 14001:2015 certified. Cosmo Tires carry the highest certifications in the industry, with ECE, DOT, GCC, CCC, In Metro, NOM, and TS14969.
Identifies tires that have 3 ply sidewall construction. The reinforced sidewall is engineered to maintain structural integrity when facing the most challenging obstacles and terrain.
Cosmo has the only Mud Rated tire in the market. These tires have been specifically designed and engineered to perform at optimum levels in deep mud and snow. Functional tread and sidewall design, coupled with specialized compounding is at the core of all Cosmo Mud Rated tires.
Cosmo Tires marked with this logo have been engineered to provide best in class noise reduction to enhance the quiet car experience. Cosmo Tires proprietary UTT (Ultimate Tire Technology) is at the core of creating a quieter and more comfortable tire for today’s technologically advanced vehicles.

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