The Real Cat is the luxury tire without the luxury price tag. The Real Cat 17 combines value with performance in dry and wet conditions. Premium ride comfort and a quiet ride makes this tire the go-to for the automotive jungle.

Design Features

  • * DIAMOND GROVE DESIGN – Superior control on both wet/dry roads and anti-hydroplaning as a result of diamond grove tread pattern.
  • * MULTI SIPE SHOULDER – Reduces noise and irregular wear.
  • * ANTI-HYDROPLANING DESIGN – Grooves provide increased water evacuation.
  • * 3D BLOCK DESIGN – Asymmetry accomplishes wet and dry control.
  • * Premium ride comfort
  • * Smooth rolling resistance
  • * Quiet ride technology
  • * Excellent in wet conditions
  • * Performance and control

Real Cat 17 qualifies for Road Hazard Warranty and Mileage Warranty (45,000 miles).

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Tire Specs

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